To go Party trays or appetizers for Home, Office or gathering

different food trays

Nana's Party Packs- Prices do change ASK FOR CURRENT PRICES

*Dill Cucumber Salad Tray these are so refreshing and delicious 1/2 trays feed up to 25

*7 Layer bean dip tray

*Elotes in a cup (10) $39.99

*Green Chile Pork Cups with Cheese (10) $56

*Black beans and white jasmine rice cups (10) $39.99

*Broccoli Pasta Cups with cucumbers, tomatoes with essentials oils and seasonings $39.99 (10)

*Mac and Cheese Cups (10) $39.99

*Chicken salad in cups (10) with bag of home made chips $49.99

*Shrimp Cups on a bed of lettuce and guacamole with one big shrimp $49.99 (10)

*Deviled Eggs with cream cheese, jalapenos, cilantro and lime (20) $39.99

*Shrimp and Crab with cucumber and avocado cocktails (10) 8 ounces each $100 ADD Octopus for $25

*Taquitos chicken or pork (10) 10 cut in half 20 pieces with a pint of guacamole $29.99

*Cheesy Garlic Mash Potatoes with ground beef and diced green chile $79.99 for tray feeds 25

*Nana's Old Fashioned Potato Salad not sweet, made with mayo, green onions, black olives, potatoes, eggs, and a dash of mustard and seasonings $79.99 Tray feeds 25

*Nana's Macaroni Salad not sweet similar to above so good $79.99 tray feeds 25

*Nana's Cole Slaw $59.99 tray feeds 25

*Taco meats are all prepared and perfectly seasoned sold per pound  $9.99 for Chicken or Carnitas, and Asada is $12.99 per lb (1lb feeds up to 4) depending on how much they serve themselves, I recommend buying extra.

 NANA'S TAMALES LUNCH OR DINNER PACKS $149 FEEDS UP TO 12.2 Dozen Tamales (one kind) Red Pork or Chicken, Beans (2) 32 ounces, Rice (2) 32 ounces, Pint of Chile Sauce/Salsa, and Tin of  Homemade Tortillas Chips.  

Nana's 3 foot Burrito's Feeds 8-12 depending on slices served $99.99

Fully Loaded Smothered in Red & Green Chile Sauce Christmas Style or Sauce on Side. Meat, Beans, Rice, Shredded Cabbage/Lettuce, Onions & Cilantro, Sour Cream & Cheese.

Dry Burritos are served on wooden board Wet burritos are served in tin pans and have a chile sauce on it.

Adding Homemade Chips is perfect for any dish  $20 Tray. Salsas $10

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Potato Rolls. Feeds 12 @ $199

Comes with 12 Potato Rolls, 3#'s of BBQ Pork, 16 oz of Sliced Red Onions, 8 oz of Pickles, 3-16 ounces of Cole Slaw & 3-16 ounces of Old Fashion Potato Salad or Old Fashion Macaroni Salad (not sweet)

Pastas Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Penne, Elbow, Classic Salad, Rolls & Dressing Feeds 12 @ $199.00 Pick 2 Sauces and 2 Pastas.  

Choose from Marinara 3 Cheeses, Ground Meatball or Turkey Marinara, Alfredo with Broccoli, Alfredo and Chicken, Mexican Ground Beef Pasta.

*Nana's Classic Lasagna Casserole pan feeds 10-12. $99

*Classic Spaghetti and ground meat *Nana's Heavenly Macaroni &

Cheeses, Classic Salad, and Rolls Feeds 10-12 @ $149

A special blend of 5 cheeses and special seasonings. Awww, COMFORT!

*Street Tacos, Beans, Rice, Chips, Salsa, Onions & Cilantro, Corn Tortillas. Feeds 10 @ $149

Meat choices: Asada Beef, Steak Picado in stewed tomato sauce, Carnitas (Pork), Diced Chicken, Chile Verde with Pork, Chile Colorado (Red Chile) with ground beef, Chicken Fajita with grilled veggies. Ground Beef with Potatoes with Puerto Rican Seasonings like Bell Peppers, Garlics, Tomatoes, Onions.

Choice of 1 meats, Black or Refried Pinto Beans, White or Spanish Rice, Green or Red Salsa.

FYI tortillas get cold, so you'll need a warmer to placed them in or warm them in. You can make Nachos with chips included.

*Nana's Award Winning Green or Red Enchilada Casserole, Rice & Beans, Chips & Salsa Feeds 10-12 $149

Choose one kind only...Enchilada Casserole with Cheese & Onions, Ground Beef, Cheese & Onions, Chicken & Cheese with Green New Mexico Chile or Red New Mexico Chile Mild-Med or Spicy. Refried or Boiled Beans, Spanish Rice or White Rice. Red or Green Salsa Mild Med or Spicy and House Made Chips.


25 mini tamales Red or Green Pork or chicken, or no meat variety. Comes with Red Sauce or Green Sauce.

*Burrito Platters $99 (20)

Bean n cheese, Bean and Rice, Ground Beef n Bean, Potato Green Chile n Cheese, Ground Beef or Turkey n Potato.Comes with a pint of Salsa.

Fiesta Fajita Platters feed 10 $149.99

Chicken, Beef, or Combo mixed with grilled veggies. Comes with Beans, Rice, Shredded Lettuce, Cheese, Pico de Gallo. A dozen Corn or Flour Tortillas.